Sarah Colarchik, LMT , RYI

Massage is a necessity disguised as a luxury.


Your journey begins here....
  From the center of our hearts we extend love, widsom, truth, companionship.  Awareness and self-study are key ingredients to living your dream.

   As you join a yoga session with Sarah you will enter into a casual atmosphere of friendship and smiles. Sarah's yoga teachings are based on Hatha with a flare of Anusara, Shri Daiva, and Iyengar,among a touch of styes and phylosophies that complete the circles of radiating

Sarah's schedule 2013

Monday, Wednesday, Friday           7:30-8:45am          Oregon City Swimming Pool

Tuesday                                         9:00-10:15am          Sachi Wellness, West Linn



                                         Private Sessions Available